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From the BRfm News


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone.


A statement from BRfm Radio’s Chairman.

I am thanking every person who came to my aid last February when I was made Chairman of BRfm Radio under difficult circumstances, I was faced with a very steep upwards climb to keep BRfm Radio on the airwaves I needed money to keep the Station maintained to the tune of £2,000 a month just to clear back log in depts. and the daily running of overheads that the station creates. There was or is no funding in place to maintain the Radio Station so I had to go and ask using my advertising skills plus asking for donations, I even wrote forty two letters to local councillors asking for money, our listeners donated money and some of them still are all the presenters started donating money on a weekly basis and still are, it is fantastic to know that so many people recognise that Blaenau Gwent needs a Community Radio Station and that it has and does help so many people to move forward with life boosting confidence. My wife Jeanette has been a rock through the difficult times and the sleepless nights I have had, and without her behind me earning money to keep me going while I spent all my time devoted in keeping the station running financially I would not have succeeded.

I hope BRfm can move forward into 2017 with new funding and the continuous support from all the people and organisations that help BRfm Radio.

Big Thank you to all the Presenters and John Price for all the programming he has done in 2016, to all the Directors whose advice and help has been invaluable and to you BRfm’s listeners keep tuning in and thanks for your loyalty.

Steve Bower Chairman and Director of BRfm Radio.

Onwards and upwards into 2017 Happy New Year.




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