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Live at Filmore






The Move have always been name checked by musical luminaries, but I was only familiar with the hit singles and that Roy Wood and Bev Bevan had once been members. This recording is the only complete Move concert in existence, and the singles which in the staid studio setting can seem a little twee, are given wings on this set and the true psychedelic nature of the band is explored.


This album only features a few Move originals the rest are beautifully distorted takes on Tom Paxton (The Last Thing On My Mind), The Byrds (Goin' Back) and even Frankie Laine (Don't Make My Baby Blue). There are some lovely curios on the album; Hello Susie (Which Wood wrote and Amen Corner had a UK hit with) is attacked with vengeance by the band freed from the constraints of making three minute pop songs. Under The Ice (The Nazz) is like Traffic on uppers and Cherry Blossom Clinic has brutal basslines and stomping drums and Kazoo? The aforementioned I Can Here The Grass Grow is extended to a ten minute opus along with a excerpts from Born To Be Wild, Peter Gunn, the 1812 overture and a drum solo in which Bevan seems to be auditioning for the Sabbath job he got much later.


The tracks and accompanying booklet, along with a ten minute interview with Bev Bevan provide a stunning document of a special time in British music, and a suitable memorial to The Move's sadly departed dynamo of a frontman Carl Wayne. The recordings are remastered from mastertapes and inevitably there are drop outs but they don't detract from a fine evenings listening, just light the joysticks and away you go.


Chris Phillips

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