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 Steve chats to comedians Ellis James at 5 pm and Sean Walsh at 6.15 on Wednesday 27th

ahead of shows in Blackwood's Miners Institute and the Glee Club  

BRFM’s Helen and Steve Evans visited the Glee Club in Cardiff on Good Friday to review one of the glee’s The Best in live stand-up shows. The line up over the Easter weekend was to be Sean Percival, Paul Mccaffrey, Tom Wrigglesworth and Carl Donnelly.  After Steve interviewing Tom on his show we knew we were in for a great night of pure comedy genius.  After performing the night before the guys decided to have a change of arrangement of acts and to who would be the MC for the night. Carl who had been the headliner decided to take it on board tonight knowing the crowd would be up for some Easter banter and heckling.

Carl immediately embraced the crowd to his Easter way of thinking and asking the crowd to share his views of “A good Friday”.  Carl interacted with the crowd, getting to know people and their relationships.  Carl had a good crowd of hecklers who had their run for their money with his quirky and fast response.

First up on stage tonight was Sean Percival.  Sean comes from Dudley in the West Midlands and provides entertainment with his local accent.  For those who do not know Sean, he can only be described as straight to the point with his observational comedy.  Sean has long curly hair and can be looked upon as a Bon Jovi troublesome lookalike.  Sean’s highlights were Boy bands and their comebacks, the royals, medical facts and how to make driving tests more accurate.

Next up was Paul McCaffrey.  Paul came was introduced onto stage with Cee lo Green’s Forget you.  Paul instantly provided comments on the “unedited” version and as to why that was not as popular. Paul entertained us with his observational comedy of things that annoy him.  Highlights were “waiting at a cash point queue when you in a rush”, How far is Australia, and complaints that never get dealt with.  I look forward to when Paul comes back to Wales as he is certainly one to watch out for.

Hoping I hadn’t ruined his curry making on the night of our interview Tom finally made his appearance onto the stage as headliner of the night only to tell everyone that yes he can be mistaken for Postman Pat.  As expected Tom provided a hilarious comedy routine with highlights such as should boots be laid out in exactly the same was as your body, Indian takeaways, Prince philip, wear what you want and funny everyday situations.

I fortunately got the opportunity to speak to Carl Donnelly back stage at the Glee.  To listen to what he had to say click here.

The Glee Club in Cardiff is certainly a great venue and excellent value for money to see top comedians such as these all in one night.  To get more information on what’s happening at the Glee look at their web page