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BRfm Radio is on the move! We are moving into Brynmawr Institute and the building needs a lot of work to create the perfect home for your local community radio station. We need support from the community, local trades and businesses to help build a station for Blaenau Gwent's Best Radio For Miles. We have big plans for the building, not just as a radio station, but as a community venue used for education & training  and any other community uses we can cater for. But firstly, let's build it!

Please call Steve on 01495 311211 if you think you could help BRfm with any of the following:

- 6 Internal office fire doors with glass panel

- 20 litres White gloss paint

- 100 litres White emulsion paint

- Loft insulation for sound proofing walls

- 2  Double glazed internal windows for stud walls (1 meter x 1 meter - must be hardwood surround and        fire proof)

- 5 Double glazed windows ( approx 6 feet x 4 feet )

- 1 Double glazed window ( approx 3 feet x 2 feet )

- 1 Double glazed window ( approx 2 feet x 2 feet )

- 1 Combi gas boiler

- 7 Radiators plus Copper pipe and fittings

- 7 Emergency lighting units

- 10 Wireless smoke alarms

- 2 Emergency fire escape doors ( 84 centimetres x 200 centimetres )

- Hand was basin instant water heater

- Hand dryer (not a towel, thankyou!)

If you can't help us with materials, BRfm is always extremely grateful for donations. If you would like to donate securely to BRfm, please click the 'Donate' button below. It doesn't matter how small or large, it will all help us towards our goal. Thank you.

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