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Interview Lionel Blair

We will be talking to a TV legend LIONEL BLAIR, on Friday 18th March to discuss whether older drivers deserve such a bad rep on Britain’s roads.

Lionel Blair

New FOI data obtained from the DVLA reveals that in the last year alone, 16,924 motorists aged 70+ had their driving licence revoked or refused due to a medical condition.. Additionally, the research shows that a quarter (27%) of Brits who are concerned about an elderly relative or friend being unfit to drive would report them to the authorities, and more than one in 20 (6%) have already done so!

Lionel will be able to discuss an exclusive experiment he held at the Transport Research Laboratory this week with older vs. younger drivers, to determine who really is the safest age group on Britain’s roads. With the aid of a driving behaviour expert, Lionel monitored a group of teenagers and elders behind the wheel of a state-of-the-art car simulator...which made for some humorous, flustered episodes!

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