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11-45am Wednesday 29th June, Adrian Llewelyn interviews V Pages

The production is clinical yet inviting, synth-pop tinged with a hard metallic edge and a sci-fi gaze.” CLASH


Sweltering beats, vibrant sound and vibes are just right for the long awaited summer days.” Music Week


It is a track that’s anthemic in nature, and the simple yet, effective vocals give it an inclusive capacity that is sure to see it find its way into many dance playlists, wild nights and the memories of youth.” HAPPY


“I’ll Stand”is the new single from V Pages, the new project from Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Dom Morley, co-written in collaboration with Field Stars - Colin MacIntyre from Mull Historical Society's upcoming alt.pop project - which will be released on 24th June via M​ea Music. Female vocals are provided by Miriam Massie.Morley has produced, engineered and mixed the work for an impressive catalog of artists including  Amy Winehouse's number 1 "Back To Black" album for which he was awarded his Grammy. Included amongst his legendary back catalogue of work are none other than megastars Adele, Mick Jagger, Grinderman (Nick Cave), Underworld, Sting (The Police), Solomon Grey and Richard Ashcroft (The Verve) to mention a few. Dom’s most recent work has been the production of "Dear Satellite" album by Mull Historical Society which has received support from Drowned in Sound, Sunday Times, Uncut, Q mag, BBC and others.

Dom made his break by knocking on doors of recording studios and offering to work for free with the promise of a good cup of tea. He ended up working at Metropolis Studios in London, the largest independent commercial studio in Europe, as an in-house engineer where he worked with some of the most inspiring people in the business. Alongside production Dom Morley has always made his own music and more recently has focussed on his solo project, V Pages. Inspired in name byVictoria Page, a character from the 1948 film The Red Shoes. V Pages (pronounced “Five Pages”) straddles the immediacy of pop with the sonic immersion of more experimental genres. With V Pages I started out trying to make something that sounded like what I thought might happen if Chvrches suddenly discovered The Pixies and The Verve. Obviously other influences came in along the way, including Alessandro Cortini, M83, and of course the people I've worked with on this project (including Field Stars, Solomon Grey, Saint Saviour).” explains Dom.

Morley’s enviable and inspired production skills combining danceable, emotional textures favored by crafted synth-scapes and powerful vocals come together to create a beguiling and repeat worthy listen. “This track always sounded like the euphoria of rebellion to me - the mixture of intensity and then the release of it. When Field Stars got involved the lyrics became about running away and escaping, and to me it began to sound like it should be the soundtrack one of the great John Hughes teenage-rite-of-passage films from the 80's. I put together the video as a bit of a love-letter to those films.”

Expect impending updates about V Pages and his exciting new single.


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