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Steve Evans will be chatting to Andy Ford

Andy Ford is a comedian and Steve Evans will be chatting to me about his new online confidence through comedy course

After spending over 30 years as a successful stand up comedian Andy Ford has used all his experience and know how to create ‘Confidence Through Comedy’.

The unique ground breaking system that enhances personal interaction and encourages the development of self-confidence with humour.

Skills and techniques successfully plied for years by comedy performers are adapted for use in everyday life forming the basis of this easy to follow course. Simple exercises are utilised to free up conversational flow and naturally build an outgoing persona.

You'll learn when and where to look for the funny as well as how to write and deliver the clever one liner, develop story telling skills, steer conversation, self sensor and use physicality as an aide to laughter creation.

This original online course is purely and simply a journey of the self..... Reaching inside to bring your natural humour and personality out!



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